7th annual meeting of the International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging | 13th annual meeting of the International Association of Forensic Radiographers
Poster Board Number Presenter Poster Title
1 Owen Arthurs Is post-mortem ultrasound a useful modality for perinatal deaths?
2 Masahiro Yoshida Investigation of Agatston coronary artery calcium scores for various death causes using postmortem CT
3 Jonathan Ford Sex and age estimation of CT scanned proximal femurs using volume and bone density
4 Shinya Hattori The importance of pediatric radiologists’ contribution in interpretation of the post-mortem CT prior to forensic autopsy: our experiences.
5 Peter Mygind Leth Shift in position of internal pulmonary lividity after change from supine to prone position
6 Hideki Hyodoh Normal Lung Weight Estimation Using Postmortem CT in Forensic Cases
7 Jakob Heimer Tension Pneumopericardium Following Suicidal Stab Wounds to the Chest
8 Natsuki Hirakawa Postmortem computed tomography findings of gastromalacia
9 Wolf Schweitzer Very affordable post mortem CT angiography kit: feasibility study using immersion pump and 3D printed parts
10 Heather Edgar Developing a large-scale, whole body CT image database for research and teaching
11 Tomonori Murakami Can postmortem CT reliably detect the intervertebral disruption of cervical spine? -The usefulness of CT obtained after extension of the neck -
12 Namiko Sakamoto Resuscitation PMCTA detects bleeding point
13 Aleksandra Borowska-Solonynko The value of postmortem computed tomography in a case of two airplane crash victims with massive injuries.
14 Aleksandra Borowska-Solonynko Imaging of intracranial aneurysm in post mortem computed tomography with the use of negative contrast.
15 Christopher Day Targeted post mortem abdominal CT angiogram in a case of fatal intra-abdominal haemorrhage: an adjunct to conventional post-mortem CT and internal autopsy examination.
16 Yukino Ito Post-mortem computed tomography findings of hepatic steatosis
17 Masatoshi Kojima Assessment of the formalin fixation effect on the brain post-mortem MRI.
18 Marco Palmesino Uniquely-native CT and PMCT very helpful to ascertain precise injury-dynamics in both in vivo and postmortem Forensic Cases
19 Wolf Schweitzer CAS Forensic Imaging & Virtopsy - Evaluation based optimization of a University based forensic imaging curriculum
20 Seitaro Shin Usefulness of postmortem computed tomography in a case of untreated malignant lymphoma
21 Amon Ohsawa Classification of sphenoid sinus using head CT images for personal identification.
22 Carlo Mario Stefano Tappero Possibility to identify Brain hemorrhage in putrefied bodies with PMCT.
23 Yosuke Usumoto Foreign body in the appendix; dental related foreign body suspected case
24 Jun Watari Usefulness of autopsy imaging for cases with unknown causes of death after out-of-hospital cardiacpulmonary arrest
25 Yudy Yudy Usage of Forensic Radiology in Solving the Single Penetrating Bullet Wound of the Left Eye by Air Gun – A Case Report

*Please note that this program is a draft, accurate as of 13 February 2018 and is subject to change without notice.