7th annual meeting of the International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging | 13th annual meeting of the International Association of Forensic Radiographers


Hello to all prospective registrants,

In my role as convenor, I extend you a warm invitation to ISFRI 2018, the combined 7th annual meeting of the International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging and the 13th annual meeting of the International Association of Forensic Radiographers in Melbourne, Australia from May 10th – 12th 2018.

ISFRI 2018 will be the first combined meeting of our societies to be held outside Europe. The Asia-Pacific region, of which Australia is a prominent member, contains many countries that are increasingly exploring the application of modern imaging techniques in medico-legal death investigation.

The conference will be hosted by the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) and Monash University. VIFM is Australia’s most comprehensive forensic medical centre. It provides independent forensic medical and scientific expertise to the state justice system, tissue for transplantation and undertakes teaching and research in the areas of medico-legal death investigation and clinical forensic medicine. In addition, through the Monash University Prevention Research Unit, it conducts public health-focused injury research.

The VIFM has extensive experience in the use of post-mortem cross-sectional imaging over many years, having installed one of the first mortuary-based CT scanners in the world. PMCT is now fully integrated into the work of medico-legal death investigation in our state and is specifically referenced in our coronial legislation.

The theme of integration will be central to the meeting with plenary lectures and invited guests highlighting the pathological, legal, investigational and societal integration of forensic imaging. Regional utilization of these imaging techniques in the Asia-Pacific will also be highlighted in presentations by pathologists and radiologists from representative countries.

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and without doubt the country’s cultural, sports, food and arts capital. It is serviced by an International airport that is 30 – 60 minutes from town by cab or bus and downtown is easily walkable or accessed by trams. The venue for all lectures will be the Bayview Eden Hotel, close to the centre of Melbourne. It is situated just off the main boulevard leading into the city centre and is close to many tourist attractions and the Albert Park lake, site of Melbourne's annual F1 Grand Prix.

Social events at ISFRI 2018 will include an evening at the Old Melbourne Goal, a restored Victorian-era prison that was notorious for its harsh conditions and death by hanging of Ned Kelly, a once reviled and now revered bushranger. Ned will also be the topic of a plenary session conducted by VIFM staff who were recently responsible for identifying his bones from an unmarked grave. The iconic image of Ned’s home-made steel armour is included in our logo for the meeting.

I understand that Australia is some distance from Europe and the Americas but if you make the journey, I strongly believe that you will enjoy the unique and diverse culture, climate, geography and history of this country. The meeting will be a healthy mix of scientific endeavour, intellectual discourse, good food and wine, and ultimately a relaxed venue for interaction with all your friends and colleagues in the world of forensic imaging.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Dr. Chris O’Donnell
On behalf of the Scientific Committee

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